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Anthony Martenot (France):

Roland is such a great person to have around. He has a very strong technical background in B2B / EAI/ RPA and AI. Roland is a hard worker and well organized. He is the guy to go to when you need help with pretty much anything and is always opened to discuss ideas and suggestions. It was a real pleasure to manage Roland for 3 years at IBM.

Alexander Fesik (Russia ):

I worked with Roland in the same team. I can say that his passion for client’s success was always outstanding. His deep knowledge in the product portfolio and his presentation/demo skills always drive the decision-making process.

Tom Limanek (USA ):

Roland has been fantastic for me to work with these last nine years. He has excellent breadth in all of the B2B technologies IBM offers, steps up to lead cross geo trainings, speaks and writes perfect English, and is just an overall magnetic guy in our group.

Michael J Hudson (USA):

Here’s three things you need to know about Roland. (1) He knows his technology (2) He understands his customers (3) He is a go-getter who makes things happen. If you don’t know Roland yet, I recommend that you make an effort to do so.

J.P. Morgan (USA):

Roland is an excellent person to work with. He has very extensive background in B2B and data integration solutions and as a Presales Professional. He is a great asset for any team and strives to deliver successful results.

Jeff Bradshaw (UK):

Roland is perhaps the most customer-centric person I have had the pleasure to work with. His focus is on delivering an excellent experience to the customer, and ensuring the best solution for the customer. He never compromises his professional integrity by offering second rate solutions, and is driven by excellence.

Christian D’Aversa (Italy):

Roland is committed to success. His problem solving attitude, his understanding of the customer’s needs and his outstanding abilitity of trasforming a vision into a real business value for the customers have always been key differentiators in our international team. He also has a unique team building ability and working with him has been a real pleisure from a personal point of view as well.

David Bressler (USA):

Roland is one of those guys who lights up my day when I find out he’s working on a deal for my product. He’s smart, and aggressive, but most importantly, he doesn’t really let things get in the way from getting „the job“ (not just „his job“) done. He’s an all-around contributor and leader, and has been directly responsible for some very large and successful deals in highly competitive and challenging customer accounts.

Oscar Roncero (Spain):

I’ve been working with Roland for more than four years as Presales around EMEA not only in Progress, but also in Axway. He is really good articulating a vision to the customer in simple terms and then follows up to ensure a quality deliverable with all parties. He is not only great presenting, but he also has a deep knowledge of the newer products and this is complemented with his great personality. He is always there to provide assistance to colleagues inside and outside his team. But the aspect that I more appreciate in him is that he is a good friend, and I highly recommend him.

Matt Smith (UK):

I have had the pleasure of working with Roland for the last five years. He is one of the most passionate, committed and professional people I’ve worked with. He has seen the growth of a team from very few during difficult times to success and major wins. He is always willing to help people close business, even in different countries. Roland would be an asset to any organisation that secures his services.

Thomas Steinborn (Germany):

While not directly working with Roland in the same department I always valued his opinion and how he provided me with the inside of the sales side of the medal. In particular I was impressed how much private effort he put into deepening and sharpening his sales skills by self studies and immediately applying what he learned to his customer base.